Private Classes:

These classes are great for those who have specific areas to focus upon, those who have only a small period of time to learn something or those who are too shy to join group classes. These classes are between 1- 2 hours in length and are intensive in nature. If you want quick and significant results, a private class is ideal. A private class can also be held for a group of 2-3 individuals.

Choreography for Sangeet and Other Events:

Whether it is a choreography for a competition, a performance or just a fun get together, we are happy to help you. There are mainly three areas of choreography that we focus on: College Choreography- Usually students from college require choreographers for competitions and fests. We offer special student packages that are affordable for college-goers and does not drain away all their pocket money! Corporate Choreography- We will help you choreograph dances for inter corporate and intra-corporate events. Our aim is to train you to a level where you feel confident to go up on stage and stun the audience with your moves! Sangeet Sandhya- Weddings are always special and so are the celebrations. At On 8 Dance Company, we not only choreograph dance routines for your Sangeet Sandhyas but also create a whole show with a unique theme and script so that you and every guest that attends your sangeet will remember it forever!


At On 8 Dance Company, we conduct workshops ourselves and also invite guest instructors to conduct special workshops for the benefit of our students. Workshops are specially designed to suit the group that we are teaching, be it trained dancers, beginners or even working professionals.

Credit Courses:

Extracurricular activities form an essential part of school or college syllabus. We provide custom made courses to help you include dance as an extremely beneficial credit course. While students earn additional marks they also engage in physical activity that leads to overall well being.